Profile Page

Your profile page provides an overview of the most relevant information you manage in your account. This includes personal data such as contact data, CV data (research interests and activities), and publications.Your profile page is visible to other individuals at your organization.

The typical content displayed on the profile page includes:

  • Researcher ID
  • URL
  • Work Experience and Affiliations
  • Research Interest
  • Publications
  • Keywords
  • Other Research Activities (CV Activities)
  • Charts (same as on Dashboard)

Your profile is created when the system is first implemented at your institution. Some or all of these items will be available after the initial configuration. You may update or add items.

  • To update your personal information, click the Edit link next to your name.
  • To add new publications, select Research Output from the navigation menu and then click Add New Content.
  • To update your CV, click CV at the top right-hand corner of the profile page or select Person Data from the menu and then select CV Activities.

To edit or manually add most of the above details, click the Edit link next to your name. To add new Publications and CV activities, use the Add New Content function. To edit your publications and CV activities, go to the respective menu entry in the left global navigation bar. A list of your publications and CV Activities will appear in the list view. 

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