Work Affiliations Tab

The Work Affiliations tab hosts the information about your work affiliations.  Be sure to include all previous work affiliations along with your current one. Having all affiliations is a crucial basis for generating complete CVs as well as attributing your publications to the appropriate institution. This allows correct publication metrics to be calculated for your institution, department or other sub-unit.

To edit an existing work affiliation, click on the pencil icon in the right. To add a new work experience, click the + icon in the left lower corner. An Edit popup opens, where you can edit the selected affiliations, or create a new one. The following fields are available in the Edit form for a work affiliation:

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Organisation

When you have provided all the desired information, close the Edit popup by clicking Done. After creating a new work affiliation its status will say Draft. As long as it is in this state, it is not ready for use and will not appear on your profile page. To promote it into another state:

  1. Open the Edit window for the position again,
  2. Click on Status: Draft in the upper right corner. A Select Status window will pop up.
  3. Choose a different state here and close the Select status window by clicking Done.

Note: as a researcher, you can only add EXTERNAL organizations as additional work affiliations; these external organisations cannot be linked to you. Yet, you can enter them as a string. To add an additional internal work affiliation, please contact your Authority, as they have the system right to do that. 

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