New Funding Opportunity

Each New Funding Opportunity consists of a fields for details required by your institution when identifying a new and potential sources for financing your proejcts.The Key Information tab includes required fields of information, denoted by the appearance of an asterisk * in the title. Funding opportunities created in Converis will appear as options when you choose your funding source when submitting a project application. 

Get started on your new funding opportunity:

  1. Fill in information for each required field in each of the tabs.
  2. Click Save to save you progress to date or click Save & Close exit the funding opportunity and update its status.

Set New Funding Opportunity Status

Updating a new Funding Opportunity's status allows you to mark whether the newly created opportunity is still Under registration, Verified - not public, or Verified - visible to the public. The new funding opportunity will appear in your Funding Opportunities list view with its corresponding status.

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