Logged User Menu

The Logged User Menu provides you with several options related to your account. you can also logout of your account from the option on the menu. To open the logged user menu, click on on the arrow next to your user name at the top of the Dashboard page.

The following options will appear in the drop-down menu:



View Profile

See your public profile

Switch role

If several roles have been activated for your account, they expand when hovering over this menu item. Click on the role you wish to switch to and you will be taken to the dashboard of that role.

My Settings

Clicking on My Settings will take you to the settings page where the following options can be changed for your account. Click Save beneath any of the items you update to complete your changes.



Change Email Address

Update your email address. You will be asked to input your email and confirm the email address. Both fields are required. 

Notification Settings

Allows you to choose your preferred means of contact. Click the checkbox to select from either or both email and Converis internal notifications. 

  • Selecting Email will send notifications to your registered email address and is recommended for users that do not regularly use Converis.
  • Converis internal notifications will appear next to the bell at the top of the Dashboard. 

Language Settings

Select the language for your account. Your language selection will update once you have logged out and logged back into the system.

Change Password

Change your user password. All fields are required. 

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