Bulk Actions

At the top of a list of activities or publications is a tool bar with icons for bulk actions. These actions can be executed on several list entries at the same time.

Please note: Bulk actions are dependent upon both your entitlements and record status. 

To perform a bulk action, first select one or more list entries on which you want to perform the action. Then click the desired action icon.

The following bulk actions can be performed on entities in the list view. Availability of each action can be identified by the appearance of the corresponding icon in the header:




Click the Filter icon to select and combine different search criteria. The filter can be saved for later use. Filter options can be configured to include aspects most relevant to the your work.


The data export enables any of the data to be exported into MS Excel or XML. The user can choose any of the available attributes and relations to be included in the export. It is possible to export all, a filtered set or individually selected items. This could for example be all publications matching a filter, including all the attributes along with the relations to the authors. The defined export can be saved as a template and be reused at any later point in time.

Clicking the Export icon in the menu bar at the top of the list opens the export dialog. This dialog will guide you through the necessary steps. Exporting is limited to a maximum of 1000 items at a time.


Standard reports can be generated either for all items matching the filter settings or for the individually selected items. Click the Report icon to start the dialog. Users can select an output template, e.g. Publication List. Each output template presents the information in a different way, and may include indicators, tables and charts. 


The Status icon enables the user to move all filtered or individually selected items to a different workflow status. Which statuses the user can set depends on the user rights. Status can be set to Draft, Library Review, or Validated. 


The Visibility icon enables you to change the visibility of all listed or individually selected items. Each individual user can decide, which of his or her items should be publicly visible both internally or over the Internet.


The Deduplicate icon enables you to remove duplicate items. You can only deduplicate two items at a time.

Deduplication is essentially a merge operation. When you elect to deduplicate, Converis presents displays both items side by side. You can then decide which elements to keep, and then click Merge to retain the selected elements in a single merged item.

You may not deduplicate items to which you do not have sufficient editing rights or records which are not of the same classification, ie journal article vs letter.  


Deletes the selected item from your account. The item is still retained in the database and may be reactivated by an administrator with the necessary permissions. 

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