List View

List view is a tabular display of the publications or activities that constitute a single workflow. It is the main starting point for managing information related to your account. Click the name of a workflow in the navigation bar to access the list view for that workflow.

Each record in list view presents essential information about one publication or activity. Click the title to go to the browse view where you can see all information associated with the publication or activity.

The tool bar at the top contains icons for bulk actions. These actions can be executed on several list entries at the same time. Bulk actions depend on both user entitlements and record status. To perform a bulk action, first select one or more list entries on which you want to perform the action. Then click the appropriate icon.

Records in draft status without corresponding years will appear at the bottom of the list. 

To access a list view, select an item from the Navigation panel on the left. Certain top-level options such as Research Output are linked directly to a list view. Award Management is not. Only options subordinate to Award Management are linked to a list view.

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