Import and Validate

The list of publications returned by a search of external sources displays:

  • Bibliographic data from the external source
  • The name of the external source
  • The action Import and relate to you. This action is a reminder to select only publications that you have authored. You should not add publications authored by other researchers.

To add publications from an external resource to your Research Output:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the publication you wish to add. You may select multiple publications from several pages of results.
  2. Click the Validate button.
  3. Review the list of selected publications, and then click Confirm.
  4. Once you confirm your selections, you will see a message saying that the publications have been added click the link Validate your publications. This step takes you to the full list of Research Output.

The validate step enables you to view recently added publications. At a minimum, you should:

  • Select Updated on descending. The publications you just added will appear at the top of the list. You can then identify publications that you do not wish to keep. To delete a publication, select it, and then click the Delete link or the Delete icon.
  • Select Alphabet A-Z or Alphabet Z-A. Alphabetizing publications enables you to identify duplicate publications. Deduplication is one of the bulk actions you can perform on a list.

You may edit any publication imported from an external source. For example, you may want to add a comment to an imported publication. 

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