Award Management

The Award Management module of Converis supports the complete research management process from initial project idea over grant applications to administration, monitoring and reporting for live and closed projects. 

Using the Award Management workflow allows you to:

Match project ideas with funding opportunities by:

  • Tracking project ideas in Converis.
  • Proactively finding matching funding opportunities.
  • Manually entering and promoting funding opportunities.
  • Saving project ideas as project applications once a funding opportunity has been found.

Process project applications by:

  • Providing internal approval workflows for your project applications.
  • Facilitating the communication between different stakeholders involved, including the Principal Investigator, Co-Investigators, support staff and external partners (if involved). 
  • Keeping all related key information in one place, with access to all parties involved, reducing the risk of information loss. 

Manage projects by:

  • Using tasks in Converis to keep an overview of all the relevant activities.
  • Receiving notifications for upcoming deadlines, such as those for reports, audits, legal documents or claim dates. 
  • Uploading all proposal documents, contracts, reports and other files and associate them with their corresponding project applications or ongoing projects.
  • Indexing of documents, which can be retrieved by searching for them within Converis. 

Make workflows more efficient by:

  • Reusing information from the initial project idea through the application and ongoing project phases.
  • Supporting bi-direction integration with finance systems, reducing redundant effort.

Report on projects by:

  • Reporting on success rates, collaboration networks, budgets, expenditures and balance.
  • Continuously updating the financial overview related to a each project in Converis.
  • Providing funders with results faster. 

Raise your public profile:

  • Include key information for your projects on CVs and your publicly facing profiles over the Research Portal, attracting collaboration partners.