Reclassification of papers in Multidisciplinary and Medical journals

Clarivate Analytics reassigns publications in multidisciplinary journals such as Nature and Science to their most relevant subject area. While these journals publish articles on a wide array of topics, individual articles in those journals focus on one area of research. By using the information found in the cited references of each publication it is possible, in most cases, to algorithmically reassign them to a subject area. In cases where it is not possible to accurately reassign the publications (for example when the article does not have cited references) the articles are left as multidisciplinary.

This reclassification process allows articles to be appropriately compared with articles of similar citation characteristics and topic focus. The reclassification is applied to articles in the categories of “Multidisciplinary Sciences” and “Medicine, General and Internal” in the Web of Science (and therefore any subject scheme that is based on aggregations of Web of Science categories) and the “Multidisciplinary” field in the Essential Science Indicators scheme.