Web of Science Profiles Integration with InCites Benchmarking & Analytics

Web of Science Profiles integrates with the InCites Benchmarking & Analytics platform to leverage the optimization, usability, benchmarking and collaboration analytics that InCites offers. Your institution will have a custom dataset available to research managers, librarians and researchers for analysis through two reports accessible from both your Dashboard in Web of Science Profiles or if you see the below icons in your Systems Reports -  available through InCites: 

Department Report

Based on the department(s) at your insitution of your selection. 

Researcher Report

Based on the researcher(s)at your institution of your selection.

Many tiles in each of the reports will allow you to drill deeper to fully analyze the data that sits behind it, enabling access to apply different indications and visualizations available as part of InCites. 

If you are registered with both Web of Science Profiles and InCites using the same email address you will be able to view the analytics from the integrated InCites analytics platform without the need to separately login to InCites.