Document List

Documents on this list present essential bibliographic data from Web of Science.Click on any of the hyperlinked titles to access the Web of Science for that document's full reference list (subscription permitting). In addition, clicking on the Times Cited figure will produce a graph providing the number of citations across citing years. 


Certain documents will also be accompanied by badges for either Research Fronts of Hot Papers.  The Research Fronts badge   signifies that paper is part of a Research Front. Clicking on the badge will take you to the Front for that paper. Clicking on the ESI Hot badge  will produce a pop-up containing the Hot Paper statistics graph, which you can export for future reference. 


Filters enable you to reduce and refine the document list. To apply a filter:

  1. Click the search symbol to open a search aid.
  2. Select the filter value(s) from the list.
  3. Click Save.

Another method of filtering by entity is to click the entity links (authors, journals, institutions, or countries/regions) in the document record. This populates the filter field with your selections.

If you populate multiple filter fields, AND logic is applied to generate the filtered list. For example, if you enter a country/region and select a publication year, the list is filtered so that only documents from the selected country/region published in the selected year are displayed.

Additionally, an option is included to Customize Documents. A popup will appear with different Indicators and Fields by which you can filter the Document List. 

You can also Sort By Citations, Publication Year, and Journal Title by selecting one parameter from the drop-down list at the top of the results.