Search by Name

Searching by name in Essential Science Indicators is governed by the following criteria to enable faster retrieval of precise results:

  • Enter a name as Surname, Initials (comma required).
  • Matching names will appear in the drop-down for selection.
  • Omit apostrophes: O'Brien = OBrien.
  • Hyphens are permitted: Aguila-Benitez
  • Compound last names require the use of spaces: Van Horn

As some names are common, users are recommended to input full name information to most accurately retrieve results for that individual. For example, when searching for John F Smith, input Smith, JF

Name conflation: 
Authors having the same last name and initials may represent multiple individuals. This is especially likely in the case of common surnames. The ability to break the name by field may to some degree disambiguate person X in field Y from person X in field Z; however, keep in mind that a listed name can still represent more than one author within the same field. 

Name variations and variations in initials: 
Individual authors may appear with or without middle initials, in which case two entries may need to be consulted. This is also true for authors who have changed their names, for example, from maiden to married names, or authors whose last names appear in multiple ways.