What highly cited and hot papers does my institution have in a field?

We can evaluate those highly cited and hot papers in a chosen field published by researchers at an institution in a few short steps. 

Working in the Indicators tab, we can find those research fields in which researchers at our institution have published articles. 

  1. Select Research Fields from the Results List drop-down. 
  2. Click Add Filter under Filter Results By and choose Institutions from the Attributes list. 
  3. Search for your chosen institution. 
  4. Select Highly Cited Papers from the drop-down under Include Results For. 

The results table will update with the Research Fields where the institution is ranked as a highly cited institution, or in the top 1%. The ALL FIELDS Highly Cited Paper count will include papers from all ESI disciplines. The institution may have published Highly Cited Papers in a field where they aren’t ranked as a top institution.

To view the document list of Highly Cited Papers, simply click on the blue bar in that column for each research field. 

To view a list of Hot Papers you can simply toggle your choice under Include Results For to Hot Papers

If you have registered as a user and signed in, you can save your work by clicking Save Criteria.