If I’m not in the top 1%, how close am I?

ESI allows you to view highly cited authors by discipline. In order to be included as a highly cited author in ESI, the number of citations to an author's ten-year output in a particular field must be in the top 1% when compared to researchers publishing in the same field over the last 10 years.

Please bear in mind that the ESI covers only regular scientific articles and review articles. Information about database inclusion dates can be found here

If you have previously searched for yourself in ESI without success, the first step you can take is to navigate to the Citation Thresholds tab.

The ESI Thresholds table shows the minimum number of citations an author must receive to be in the top 1%. An author publishing in a given field must meet this threshold to be considered in the top 1%. Once you know this information, you can determine whether or not your research is in the top 1% or how close it is to that margin. 

If you do not appear in ESI and believe you have been omitted erroneously, please contact CTS in your region.