JCR Data Update (September 25, 2017)

After JCR data were published in June 2017, we were able to obtain materials whose absence had prevented journals from receiving a Journal Impact Factor, as well as to correct metrics for a small number of journals.  The 2016 JCR data (2017 release) are now complete and all updates have been fully incorporated into the product.

After 2016 JCR data were reloaded and finalized in September 2017, we became aware of a newly occurring and unanticipated cited work variant for Astronomical Journal, which caused a significant undercounting of citations. The following metrics include all citations associated with the new variant:


  • Total citations:                32263 
  • Journal Impact Factor:    3.773 
  • 5-year Impact Factor:      4.143 
  • Immediacy Index:            1.085