Categories By Rank

Categories by Rank lists all JCR categories ranked by the number of journals along with a network graph depicting the relationships between each category. This view allows you to manipulate both the network visualization along with the table that sits beneath it according to journals or categories you select using the filters provided on the left side of the page. 

The network graph depicts the flow of citation data from one category to another, with the size of each node correlating to the number of journals in the category and the thickness of the link between nodes indicating the flow of citations back and forth. Hover over any of the nodes and you can see information on both the number of journals in that category and its Aggregate Impact Factor. Clicking on a node will take you to the list of journals for that category.

Information on a range of indicators for each subject category is displayed in the table the sits below the network graph. Additionally, the indicators included can be customized by clicking Customize Indicators, allowing you to see indicator data that's most relevant to you. View relationships between categories by clicking Show Visualization. Many of the indicators in the table serve as hyperlinks to additional information. Category and #Journals, when clicked, will open pages for the category profile and journal rankings pages respectively, whereby clicking on any additional indicator will open a window displaying the data by which that year's metric was calculated. 

You can drill down to the journal level by clicking Journals by Rank and further customizing your search using the filters provided or by utilizing the Master Search.