Document List Page

The Document List Page provides a listing of articles that contribute to the Combined Citable Items for the current JCR year. Each item has information for the article's Title, Authors, its source publication and the subject category in which the source journal is indexed as well as a link to Web of Science. You can select the document type by choosing from the options in the drop-down menu at the top of of the results table.

On occasion, where journal unification (one or more journals is associated with a parent title for the purposes of JCR indicator calculation) has been applied or changed, the Document List Page count will not match the Combined Citable Item count. As journal unifications are not visible in Web of Science and this is the first time we are providing these links, we expect some variances. We will continue to work toward transparency and are working on the process to synchronize these data in future updates.

About Citable Items

Citable items are those items that comprise the figure in the denominator of the Journal Impact Factor calculation.  These items are those identified in the Web of Science as an article, review or proceedings paper and are considered the substantive articles that contribute to the body of scholarship in a particular research field and those most likely to be cited by other articles. Other forms of journal content, such as editorial materials, letters, and meetings abstracts, are not considered as citable items.