What's New?

What's new in InCites Web Services 1.2 - February 2013

New Dataset Services:

  • the createNewDataset service has been added to allow customers to pass author profile information and request the creation of a new dataset
  • the getDatasetRequestStatus provides customers with the ability to request an update on the creation of the new Dataset.

New Reports

  • the getInCitesDatasetAuthorProfileReportURL service has been added to allow for the retrieval a URL for an author's profile report in InCites based on a datasetCode and employeeId. The report supplies publication and citation details about an author. 
  • the getInCitesDatasetCollaboratingAuthorsReportURL calls on the service and requests a URL containing the Collaborating Author Profile Visualization Report based on the datasetCode and employeeId. The report lists people who have co-authored papers with selected authors. 
  • the getInCitesDatasetCollaboratingInstitutionsReportURL is employed to send a request for the URL containing a the Collaborating Institutions report based on the supplied datasetCode. The report is based on a set of papers where the same institution appears in all author addresses
  • the getInCitesDatasetSourceListingURL provides the Source Articles Listing report URL based on the datasetCode, employeeId and utList value. The URL provides a full list of publications for an author associated with the dataSet. 
  • the getInCitesSummaryMetricsReportURL returns a URL that provides the customer the results of the Summary Metrics report in InCites based on the datasetCode. Information includes Citation Metrics for Times Cited, Web of Science Documents, Cites per Document, and Median Cites. A distribution of citation frequency may also be viewed. 
  • the getInCitesResearchFootprintReportURL provides the customer with the URL containing the Research Footprint based on the criteria passed in the web service call. The Research Footprint profides a radar graph illustrating the relative strength or weakness of performance indicators and tables containing measures of size, strength and activity for each indicator. 
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