Summary and Custom Summary Reports

The summary report provides daily usage statistics for all activities and outputs for one month. The custom summary report provides monthly usage statistics for the selected period.

Activities and Outputs

  • Subsessions
  • Queries
  • Citation Events
  • Result Clicks
  • Record Views
  • Records Exported
  • Records Saved
  • Records Printed
  • Records Emailed
  • Records Ordered
  • TOCs Viewed
  • Total Items Requested

If you selected the option to Include Web Services Subsessions and Queries on the Report Settings page, then the table will contain four additional columns:

  • WS Subsessions
  • WS Queries
  • Total Subsessions
  • Total Queries

If you selected the option to Include User Credentials on the Report Settings page, then the table will have an additional column with this heading: Credentials. To the right of the credential in the same row are usage statistics for that credential. The date of usage is in the row above and to the left of the credential.

Summary Usage Graph

The graph at the bottom of the page plots usage on a line graph. The points on the Y-axis (ordinate) show the usage numbers for the dates on the X-axis (abscissa).

The initial or default graph plots usage for subsessions, queries, and--if the select product contains cited references--citation events. By selecting or clearing the check box next to an activity or output, you can redraw the graph.

Move your cursor to any data point on the graph to get the exact coordinates.

Note: If usage statistics are broken down by user credential, no graph will appear. 

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