The citedReferencesRetrieve operation submits a query returned by a previous citedReferences operation.

This operation is useful for overcoming the retrieval limit of 100 records per query. For example, a citedReferences operation may find 106 cited references, as revealed by the content of the recordsFound element, but it returns only records 1-100. You could perform a subsequent citedReferencesretrieve operation to obtain records 101-106.

WSDL Declarations

The input message is defined by the woksearch:citedReferencesRetrieve type.

The output message is defined by the woksearch:citedReferencesRetrieveResponse type.


A valid queryID from a previous citedReferences operation. In addition, a valid session, identified by sessionID, must be active before the operation can be performed.

Query Parameters

For this operation, there is a single query parameter:

queryId (Type: string)

This is the query ID from a previous citedReferences operation. Cannot be null.


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
      <woksearch:citedReferencesRetrieve xmlns:woksearch="">