Web of Science Core Collection fieldName Values

The fieldName table maps Web of Science Core Collection field names to schema elements. The element name should be used in the fieldName retrieve parameter to limit records to selected fields. For example, the following retrieve parameters will return records that contain 1) author addresses, 2) funding text, and 3) funding agency and grant number. 




Only the name of the element (in boldface in the table) can be used as a fieldName parameter. You cannot use a full or partial XPath as a fieldName parameter. The XPath is provided to assist you in finding the element in the schema as well as in the full Web of Science record. The full XPath begins with /records/records/REC. For example, the full XPath for the pub_info element is /records/records/REC/static_data/summary/pub_info. Here is the schema view of the XPath for pub_info in the base schema scientific.thomsonreuters.com.schemawok5.X.public:

Because many fields are uniquely identified by a combination of element and attribute, you may not be able to limit record content to a precise degree. For example, the fieldName parameter titles will always return document titles, publication names (both full and abbreviated), and book titles. You cannot limit retrieval to only document (item) titles or only publication (source) titles because item and source are attribute values, not elements. You cannot include attributes in fieldName parameters.